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General Questions

  1.  Create a profile or sign in to your account
  2.  Go to Book Now to access the online scheduler
  3.  Choose Adult or Child Lessons, Santa Clara or Campbell pool, type of lesson you want, and find availability by instructor or date/time
  4.  Select a purchase option
  5. Enter billing information

Students are responsible for finding their own swim partner for a semi-private lesson and coordinating their schedules to book the same spot. Students will sign in to their own account/profile and book their portion of the lesson. Follow the steps of scheduling/booking twice, once for each swimmer.

If you see a note ‘Booked: 1’ in a particular time slot, it means another student has already booked the first portion of the semi-private lesson, that slot is no longer available. Look for a slot that doesn’t have a note “Booked: 1” next to it.

Email  to join our free Last Minute Lesson Club (LMLC) to get great deals on lessons while filling our immediate openings. Each week we will send out an email announcing our same day or next day openings that you can book for a discount of up to 30% off.

No. The Swim Pro does not charge registration fees because our goal is to have a simple, no hassle, system for booking swim lessons that fit your family’s lifestyle and schedule. 

When you say yes to receiving our newsletter you receive advanced knowledge of when our next 3 month scheduling block is opening, who is teaching; when and where, as well as other changes and important info. Newsletter emails are limited to several times a year and you can always change your preferences from within your profile.

Yes! If you have subscribed to our newsletter you now know when our next 3 month scheduling block is opening and can grab all the slots you want. Time slots are first come, first served so the quicker you are to book the more likely you are to get that consistent time slot you desire.

Yes! You can add on a pair of goggles when purchasing/booking lessons to be picked up when you arrive at your next lesson. You can also purchase onsite. We will charge the stored credit card in your account after your swim lesson.

We believe the best way to learn to swim is to be as comfortable as possible while learning. Seeing clearly allows you to stay oriented, balanced and calm, as well as comfortable. Once your swimming skills become solid muscle memory you won’t mind not having goggles if desired.
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My Lessons/Account

Students are free to cancel and reschedule a lesson following The Swim Pro’s 24 hour cancellation policy.
There are 2 ways to cancel an a lesson:

  1. Click on the Cancel My Appointment button in the system-generated appointment reminder email, which is sent 48 hours prior to a scheduled lesson.
  2.  Sign in to your account, go to My Schedule and Upcoming Schedule, it defaults to the current month view. Click on the 3-dotted icon under Action on the right side of the page, click on Cancel Session in the popup box.

To reschedule a lesson:

With more than 24 hours notice, the canceled lesson will be put back in your account for rescheduling. To use it go to Book Now and follow the system prompts to reschedule your lesson. After you select a day, time and an instructor, the system will recognize that there is an existing lesson credit, and will use it to pay for the appointment you want to book automatically.

We recommend once a week minimally for great results, however coming more often per week leads to faster learning.

Our schedules open 3 months at a time, approximately 6 weeks in advance. Any open slot you see is available to book. Bookings must be made at least 12 hours prior to the start time of the lesson. Example: If you’d like a lesson at noon tomorrow it must be booked by midnight tonight.  

Please note we do our best to honor your exact scheduled lesson, but may reach out to you to request a change if needed. 

If you can’t find the time slot you need we want to help! Just reach out to us by emailing swim@theswimpro.com. 

In the meantime, please keep checking the schedule. Many students cancel their lesson between 24 and 48 hours in advance and you could take their slot.

Be sure you are booking within our open booking window and it is not less than 12 hours before the time slot you’d like. Time slots are not able to be booked less than 12 hours in advance. 

Yes! We have an automated system for reminding you when you have an upcoming swim lesson. When you get this reminder email, please remember to cancel right away if you can’t attend to avoid losing the lesson. This allows another swimmer needing a lesson to take your time slot.

Make sure to bring a swimsuit, towel, and goggles. We have goggles onsite you can purchase if needed. 

One of the ways The Swim Pro is different is that you get to choose your preferred instructor when you book lessons.
There are a couple of instances when we will reach out to you to ask your permission to change your instructor if needed. In short notice situations, a new instructor may be assigned last minute in an effort to keep your schedule intact, but you will always have the option of canceling if preferred.
1. If your instructor is not feeling well: we will reach out and see if you’d like to switch to another instructor in order to keep your scheduled lesson.
2. If your instructor has left their position at The Swim Pro: In this case you will still have the ability to choose your instructor moving forward.

Our scheduling system has a built-in rewards program. Students earn points by buying lessons, attending lessons, writing a review, sharing on social media, and referring a friend. These points can be redeemed towards discounts off of a lesson or a package. Go to the Rewards and Redeem Prizes to redeem reward points. After reward points are redeemed they stay in the account until used. Follow these steps to use the redeemed discount towards a purchase:

 1. Go to the Store section
 2. Mouse over the lesson/package you want to purchase, click on the blue ‘MORE DETAILS’ button, it opens to a detailed product page
 3. There is a ‘Use your xx% off reward’ checkbox on the right side of the page, check the box and click on the green ‘Add to cart’ button

The purchased lesson/package will be stored in the account and students can use it to schedule lessons. 

Practicing recently learned skills is a great way to create muscle memory and thus make even more progress during future lessons. Adults: When you sign up for lessons start thinking about where you will practice to keep up your skills. Though it’s not necessary in the beginning, in later lessons you will want extra practice in between sessions to maximize your lesson time. If you find you aren’t able to practice good technique on your own, you can avoid creating bad habits by just waiting until your next lesson. Use this time to just enjoy the water. Just being in the water is very beneficial! Children: even just water play reinforces skills learned in past lessons and is highly effective. Tip: Kids love to show off for parents! If you ask your child to show you what they learned in their swim lesson they will end up practicing and reinforcing those skills on their own.


The Swim Pro offers unlimited scheduling/rescheduling/canceling with more than 24 hours notice. When you book a lesson The Swim Pro reserves that slot just for you and in the process incurs pool rental costs and instructor fees for each lesson booked that can not be recovered if you cancel with less than 24 hours notice.

As a small business, we ask that you do your best to give us 48 hours notice by clicking the cancellation button on your appointment reminder to enable us to fill your slot. A cancellation with less than 24 hours notice will be forfeited and can not be refunded. However, if we are able to fill your slot after you late cancel we will credit the lesson back to your account.

Scheduling with less than 12 hours notice is unavailable.

Late Cancellations (made with 24 hours notice or less) will be charged full price.

No shows are charged full price.

*Please note: There are no make-up lessons for Late Cancels or No Shows. If you Late Cancel your lesson or do not show up, you will automatically lose that lesson – no exceptions. Thank you for understanding.

1. Are intended for 2 students being instructed at the same time by 1 instructor.
2. May not be split into two 30 minute private lessons.
3. Must be booked by 2 people, each with their own profile.
4. Students must bring their own partner; The Swim Pro will not be able to find a partner for you.
5. If your partner does not show up or you failed to bring your own partner, The Swim Pro reserves the right to charge you for a private lesson at the rates that apply.

The Swim Pro places high value on serving you and is one of the few swim schools to offer full refunds. 

All lessons expire one year after the purchase date. Any unused / unscheduled lessons must be scheduled before the expiration date listed under My Profile/Purchases. 

Should you decide you will not be scheduling any unused lessons and you would like a refund, please make a request in writing to swim@theswimpro.com within 90 days of the purchase date. Refunds can not be available after 90 days.

**Please note: We are unable to refund partially used packages. Refunds are subject to a 6% processing fee to cover credit card transaction fees. Thank you for understanding. 

It’s a good idea to keep an eye on the weather forecasted at the time of your lesson. Outdoor lessons will continue in rainy weather, but will be canceled if lightning is expected for safety reasons at no charge to the student. If thunder and/or lightning occurs during the lesson, we will clear the pool for 30 minutes from the last sighting or sound. If applicable, the lesson will resume once the weather has cleared. Use the poolside changing room to store belongings and bring plastic bags for keeping towels dry poolside. Swimming in the rain is fun, but if you are uncomfortable please log in and cancel at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled lesson.

The Swim Pro has implemented our own Air Quality Cancellation Protocol to help you know when we will early cancel your lesson due to poor air quality near our pools. The data in which we will use to implement our protocol comes from the website PurpleAir.com as it displays a more accurate and current air quality reading for the Bay Area.

Please check PurpleAir.com and add our zip code (95008 Campbell, 95050 for Santa Clara) as well as set the conversion to “AQandU” to get a more current reading for our location. The AQandU conversion is what the EPA uses.

Orange Protocol: It is OK for the general population to be active outside, especially for SHORT ACTIVITIES such as swim lessons between 101-149.

Red Protocol: All lessons will be early cancelled if the air quality reaches 150 approximately 1 hour before your lesson time. This lesson credit will be kept in your account for future booking.

**If you do not feel comfortable coming to your lesson please log in and cancel it yourself and with 24 hours+ notice you will NOT be penalized. If you cancelled your lesson and the air quality improves contact us and we will try to get you back on the schedule.

We ask that if you use sunscreen, please apply it at home so that it has had time to soak in before getting in the water. This keeps the swimmer better protected, the water clean and the pool equipment happy. To keep excess sunscreen and body oils out of the pool water please shower before entering the pool each time.

Please stay at the facility while your child is attending their swim lesson. No drop-offs are permitted and children can not be left unattended for safety reasons.

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