Who is The Swim Pro?

Hi, I’m Kelly.  For years people have referred to me as ‘The Swim Pro’ so in 2006 I decided to go with it, embrace this title fully and create a swimming program different from all of the rest.  In order to do that I thought I had to quit my beloved career in mental health but more and more I realized swimming with our physical body alone limits us to our full swimming potential.  Only when we combine the physical body with the power of the mind can we have the confidence to finally conquer those fears, the insight to visualize ourselves reaching our goals or the drive to swim that race!  Similarly, those with the mindset they will never learn to swim or those that let their fears control how they feel about water must conquer their mind while learning the swimming skills in order to be successful.  So I guess you could say merely combining my two loves: swimming and psychology was in order.

Adult student interviews Kelly about the story of The Swim Pro.

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