Your Swim Lessons Can Change The World

There is a serious water crisis going on in the world and by taking swim lessons with The Swim Pro you are already part of the solution! What’s the solution you ask? Building wells! Every time you take a lesson we donate a portion of the revenue to charity: water and have done so since the beginning. Through charity: water, 100% of donations are used to make a serious impact.

With your help The Swim Pro has donated $300,624, funded 40 water projects, brought over 9,948 people fresh drinking water and helped fund a new drilling rig, called YELLOW THUNDER, that is currently drilling wells all over Ethiopia!

Yellow Thunder can drill 80 wells and give water to 40,000 people.Every year.

The Swim Pro plans to keep donating with each lesson purchased so there will be even more people impacted by your swim lessons in the near future. Stay tuned!

Why water?  Because charity: water believes “water changes everything.”  Check out this video to see how.

We enjoy being part of the solution with you!

~The Swim Pro

Why Water from charity: water on Vimeo.

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