Use What Nature Gave Us: Lungs

Did you know that using your lungs is vital to swimming efficiently? For some of you this may sound like common sense, but I am fascinated by how effortless swimming can be when we use what nature gave us!

There is a lot your lungs can do for you with practice.

Here are some tips:

  • Your lungs are like a built-in life jacket: fill them with air and suddenly floating becomes much easier.
  • Do you want to sit on the bottom of the pool?  Quickly exhale feeling your lungs deflate and you will sink.  Once you reach the bottom use your feet to “jump” up to the surface quickly.
  • While swimming only exhale the amount of air you can easily inhale in one breath.  To great an exhale causes minor sinking requiring you to take in extra air on the next breath to regain buoyancy.  This causes a bobbing up and down which is not efficient swimming.
  • Keep water out of your nose by following this simple trick.  While swimming exhale tiny bubbles from your nose slowly and consistently with your mouth closed to keep the water out.

Do you have other ways your lungs help you swim more effortlessly?  Please leave a comment below.

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