Within the first one-hour private lesson I’ve made years worth of improvement. I can say without question if you’re looking for the best in private  swimming lessons – go with The Swim Pro! 


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Learn to Swim Lessons

Learn to swim with our personally tailored private swim lessons for Children and Adults.

From Fear to Freestyle™

The Swim Pro will take you from fear to freestyle with our specialized program for adults needing to overcome even life long water fears.

Triathlon Swim

Let The Swim Pro refine your swim to reach optimum efficiency just in time for that upcoming triathlon.

Why Choose The Swim Pro

Our Mission is to give you a safe, patient environment where you can finally learn to swim, conquer your water related fears and improve your technique at your own pace. The Swim Pro is known for teaching the “unteachable”-you know that person who has been to lessons before and still can’t swim? The reality is everyone can learn to swim with the right instruction. With The Swim Pro all you need is commitment and you WILL reach your swimming goals!

Meet The Swim Pro Team

All Instructors at The Swim Pro are First Aid and CPR Certified and trained in The Swim Pro’s teaching foundations. Our Instructor’s individual strengths and inherent creativity are encouraged ensuring an individualized learning experience.

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Did You Know?

Learn more about The Swim Pro’s charity of choice, programs and find some tips and tricks here.
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